Next Gen TV technologies now at bat in sports

ML, AI and Next Gen TV are driving the sports entertainment revolution: find out how to leverage opportunities in this whitepaper

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed the role of digital interactions in the world of sports further into the spotlight and sports content owners are being forced to revisit traditional user experience while also revamping their business models with new revenue generating streams. Successful introduction of new technologies, based on a solid understanding of their future potential, is rapidly becoming the key to forging ahead of competitors. The whitepaper focuses on four main areas of emerging technology:
  • Data Analytics
  • Gamification
  • Smart Watching
  • Targeted Advertising and Ecommerce
Download the whitepaper by Oliver Botti, Head of International Business Development and Innovation at Fincons Group and Greg JarvisExecutive Vice President and General Manager at Fincons.US, to discover which innovative solutions are accelerating transformation and how to stay ahead of the curve.
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After 25+ years in Research&Innovation, Operations and Sales&Business Development, Oliver Botti is in charge of developing international markets as well as portfolio innovation. In the Media sector he’s involved in Omnichannel Video Distribution and Monetization, introducing OTT and HbbTV/ATSC3.0 Hybrid TV, Addressable Advertising, AI/ML-based Video Augmentation and Accessibility Enhancement, Multimodal UX Design, VR/AR, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, and their application to Monetization, Audience Segmentation, UX Personalization and User Engagement.
Greg Jarvis leads international IT services firm Fincons’ US business. Over the past 18 years he has launched multiple OTT and Connected TV platforms and apps.  He currently leads the efforts to design and deploy NextGen User Experience’s and recently published the Interactive TV interface best practices book and reference design.

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