The coming of age of Digital Transformation in Financial Services & Insurance

The Great Digital-preparedness Divide

The lock-down caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed lacunae in digital preparedness of FSI businesses and digital transformation has made it to the top of the agenda.

This paper analyses the issues at play in determining existing gaps, grouping them under four key categories: obsolete systems, fragmented systems, resistance to change and lack of in-house skills, and suggests a series of solutions to effect change rapidly and easily without completely overhauling legacy systems.

Download the whitepaper by Giuliano Altamura, Global Financial Services Business Unit General Manager at Fincons Group, to find out how to achieve your digital transformation business and process goals improving engagement, sales team efficiency and overall productivity.

Use the pull-out Q&A guide at the end to develop a roadmap for hitting your targets with vertical solutions we have successfully tried and tested over the years.
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Giuliano Altamura is the Head of Financial Services Business Unit. His objective is the development of business at Group level in the Banking and Insurance sectors. Thanks to the strong team developed, composed by both technical and business people as well as a set of professional and driven managers, the Business Unit has been growing at a 15%-20% yearly rate, representing one of the largest units in Fincons with more than 35% of total revenues and over 500 professionals involved.

Giuliano joined Fincons Group in 2004, starting as a Senior Manager responsible for some business critical projects with important Banking clients in the Lugano, Switzerland area.

Before joining Fincons Group, he had worked for almost a decade for another tier-1 consulting company, also in the Financial Services industry, where he specialised in technology applied to the banking and insurance markets.

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