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Today’s consumers expect to interact with their bank across multiple channels and touchpoints, as well as to access information seamlessly through apps, online portals or telephone banking to check account balance and transactions, eliminating the need to visit the branch or ATM.

The growing need to put user experience at the heart of the banking sector is therefore driving the imperative to develop middleware solutions that lighten the burden on legacy systems and improve access to data and analytics. Implementing APIs and microservices architecture enables banks to add capabilities without overhauling their back-end systems entirely.

Fincons’ innovative Fast Data Lake solution aims to help banks support Open Banking and respond to the transparency requirements of PSD2, Directive (EU) 2015/2366. The solution is designed using the latest Fast Data and Real Time Data Streaming techniques, and provides benefits such as mainframe offloading, front end performance boosting and overcoming limitations in terms of 24x7 availability and other constraints of legacy systems.

Fincons’ whitepaper looks specifically at the digital transformation journey for the banking sector and Digital Integration Hubs are recognized as the new design path to provide data to front-end applications in a cheaper, faster and more flexible way.

Fincons Fast Data Lake is a best practice example of this architecture design, providing a High-Performance Data Store fed by legacy systems in real-time through a highly engineered ingestion procedure. It provides an API layer to rapidly access data, ensuring speed to front-end inquiry functionalities while reducing load capacity required to legacy systems (mainframe offloading), and protecting them against the potential risk posed by unpredictable request volumes.”

Giuliano Altamura – Head of Financial Services Business Unit

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Achieving digital potential: new solutions to overcome limitations of legacy back-ends

How Digital Integration Hubs solution can help overcome hurdles in the path towards digitalisation for the Banking sector


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