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The demand for fast, accurate and omnichannel information continues to accelerate, with consumers accessing systems through apps, online portals, virtual assistants or other channels more and more frequently and intermediaries asking for improved user experience and faster solutions to respond to this consumer demand wherever they are.

This context is increasing the pressure on financial services organisations’ legacy systems as they struggle to interact with new platforms to integrate historical customer data with new touchpoints and data sources.
In order to ensure that APIs are successfully integrated and bringing additional value to operations, it is critical that financial services businesses evaluate the development of a digital integration hub.

Fincons’ whitepaper assesses the key role of digital integration hubs in allowing the sector to overcome the limitations of legacy systems, and to solve data volume issues in a fast, effective and compliant way – speeding up and smoothing the digital transformation journey.

This whitepaper helps financial services businesses understand the business, technology and compliance risks they are running because of inadequate integration and outlines a solution: digital integration hubs. Without, not only do business critical systems risk outages, but customer and intermediary experience will be sub-par leading to damaging customer churn. Add to this mix the increasing regulatory pressures on the FS sector and it is clear that the issue of seamless, intelligent integration with internal and external data cannot be postponed.

Giuliano Altamura – Head of Financial Services Business Unit

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Achieving digital potential: new solutions to overcome limitations of legacy back-ends

How Digital Integration Hubs can help overcome hurdles in the path towards digitalisation for the Financial Services sector


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